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What we do for you

Why work with a regular agent when you can work with a TOP AGENT?

The Top Agent Team with Keller Williams is a dedicated team with years of experience, knowledge, and a passion for giving the best customer service around. Our goal is to make the process of buying or selling a home as enjoyable and smooth as possible for our Clients. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and knowledge of the current housing market.
Above we have tools to help get you started with the process for both buyers and sellers!
Mark has extensive industry knowledge and knows this business! He listened attentively to our needs and concerns. Our home was priced accurately and marketed effectively for its "challenging" location. His team is highly responsive, and the entire process went without a hitch.
Meet The Team
  1. Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson
    Team Lead Real Estate Broker
  2. Emma Reeves
    Emma Reeves
    Marketing Coordinator
  3. Emma Reeves
    Andrew Martinez
    Transaction Coordinator
  4. Rip Ramsey
    Rip Ramsey
    Lead Buyers Agent Real Estate Broker
  5. Rip Ramsey
    Kyle Nash
    Real Estate Broker
  6. Rip Ramsey
    Eric Johnson
    Real Estate Broker
  7. Joana Fernandez
    Jolene Jochems
    Real Estate Broker
  8. Travis Fox
    Travis Fox
    Real Estate Broker
  9. Sharlee Perez
    Sharlee Perez
    Real Estate Broker
  10. Joana Fernandez
    Joana Rodrigez
    Internal Sales Associate