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7 Tips To Increase Home Value Fast

Do you need to get out of your home fast?

Maybe the purchase of your new home is contingent on the sale of your current one. There is a lot of advice out there on how to sell your house fast, but here are 7 great tips for increasing value and selling your home quickly without spending a ton of money.

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Tip #1: Curb Appeal

There’s something to be said about great first impressions.

If you want your home to sell fast, you’ve got to spruce up the yard. It shouldn’t cost you much money but it could require a lot of elbow grease. Make sure you keep the lawn mowed and maintained, repair the fence, and plant a few flowers. While you’re at it, you may decide to touch up the paint on the exterior. Painting even just the trim will make your home feel more fresh and inviting.

Tip #2: Make It a Blank Canvas

Think of homes in magazines, and then work to emulate that in your own house.

You want potential buyers to be able to see themselves living in your home. That means you’ve got to allow space for buyers to personalize it in their minds. Strip down bedrooms and living areas to some main focal pieces and furniture. Take down family pictures and knick-knacks, and make sure the walls are neutral colors. Adding a fresh coat of white,  light natural browns, or grays will help the home feel newer and ready for a buyer to make their own.

Tip #3: Update the Kitchen – But Not Too Much

When you sell a home, you’ve really just got to sell the kitchen.

Spending a  few thousand dollars on the kitchen could add as much as five figures onto the price you’ll get for the home. Focus on updating countertops and sinks, and maybe adding a fresh coat of paint to the cupboards. Buying new hardware for the kitchen (as well as the bathrooms) will provide an instant updated feel. If you are going to spend money anywhere, let it be the kitchen. Nothing will deter a seller faster than a kitchen that needs a lot of work.

Tip #4: Keep It Clean

Not just a light dusting.

Think the mother-in-law is coming for a week type of cleaning. Dust the blinds, clean the grout, dust the baseboards- the whole nine yards. And that’s not all, declutter everything. Take out ¾ of the items in closets and storage spaces. Potential buyers will see these areas as having more than enough storage for their items. A potential buyer could schedule a walk-through at any time, so make sure you keep the floor swept, laundry in hampers, and definitely keep your home fur and kitty litter-free.

Tip #5: Price It Right

One of the first things potential buyers will do when searching for a house is to search for a home by price.

Many will put a minimum as well as a maximum price, to exclude the homes they can’t afford or don’t want to waste their time on. You want to make sure your home falls within the price range of similar homes in your area. This is where a great real estate agent really comes in handy. Make sure you choose a real estate agent that not only knows your area and market well but stays up to date on market trends.

Tip #6: Light it Up!

As you watch home improvement shows or listen to what the market is asking for, you may hear the term ‘open floor plan.’

People want their home to feel warm and inviting, as well as flow well. A great way to open up space is to add some light! So, take down the drapes, change out the lampshades, and buy brighter light bulbs. You want the area to feel as cheery as possible. You should even clean the windows to allow as much natural light in as possible. Reconfiguring the space to open up pathways and lead from one room to the next will help people feel at home.

Tip #7: Stage Your Home

It may seem silly, but staging your home is an excellent way for buyers to see themselves living there.

Set the table with your beautiful china, and place some magazines on the coffee table. You want the space to look lived in, but not too lived in. A great real estate agent will be able to give you pointers on what needs to be done to make your house sell as fast as possible. Decluttering, staging, updating, and cleaning your home may seem like a lot of work, but it will pay off as your home becomes too hot to hold on the market. So, get out there and get started!

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